Sunday, November 23, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Emily had a great Halloween this year! She was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. (Watch out Judy Garland!) She went to the Fall Festival at church, then out for some trick-or-treating. The next night her Martial Arts studio hosted a sleep-over! They had huge jumpies and video games and laser tag. We thought maybe we'd get a "There's no place like home!" call in the middle of the night, but our brave girl stayed through to breakfast!

Apple Pickin'

Last month Emily took some friends to a fun filled day to celebrate the fall! We went to an apple orchard and picked our own apples and had a picnic. The apples were so yummy! Then we went to Julian and ate some hot apple pie! Then on the way back we stopped at a pumpkin patch and went through a corn maze! That was so fun!

AH Zah!

Here is Emily's Tang Su Do portrait from Martial Arts! Quite the warrior princess she is. One night Chris was on the church playground with her and some of her friends playing Bully. He poked his head throught he window of the playhouse and Emily gave him a strike-center punch in the eye! Needless to say he didn't to that again!