Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meeting my son...

We got the date...At this time in two weeks, I will be in Russia preparing to meet the child that may very well be our son for the very first time! This is the first trip where we meet the child and formally "accept" him. I honestly don't know if it would be within me to pass him over. This is why I am asking people in my closest circles to pray for discernment and wisdom for Chris and me. We get to spend a little time with Ivan and then we have to decide if he is the child for us. It is our opportunity to evaluate him, make sure he is healthy and developmentally on-track. As we are not doctors, we are relying on the limited medical info for him which for the most part indicates he is in great health. We are to expect that this meeting may only be an hour! I don't know how I am going to put him down and walk away. After this initial meeting, it will be another 6-8 weeks before we can adopt him!

This trip is very short - we will only be gone about 4 1/2 days! We will be traveling for half of it, and from what I hear, we will be rushing for the other half. We don't completely know what to expect, except to know it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

I praise God for is goodness and amazing orchestration of the whole process. When I sit back and reflect upon every twist and turn, every single act of this process, His fingerprints are left upon every tiniest detail! I am trusting Him now to help us complete the process, and funds are something that are dwindling away here at the end! I'm not sure how God is going to make it all work, but I am confident that He will!


RUBDOG said...

So I wrote this great comment and now it was erased because I realized I had not logged in...anyway... The Lord knows your trials and hurts and desires. How many times we c through the Word we have not becuase we ask not...He knows your desires.. U knows your worries... He knows how weird and difficult it will be to walk away from Ivan... How emotionally it will be difficult... he knows those feelings... he has felt them all... This is a time not only for family growth, but spiritual growth, emotional stability as you learn in different ways to lean on HIM totally. He will strecth you through this... He will help you to grow in ways you never thoguth possible... That is our awesome God...HE is always looking out for us, and ussing every possible moment to help us grow. How I have watched you grow so much already. Praise the Lord for this change. Praise the Lord for this time. We will pray. We will keep praying. As the lord's will be done in your life, let us remain in joy that He loves us so much to allow us to even experience growth and dependance on HIM!! When it gets weird... cry out to HIM... cling to the WORD... cling to your hubby... then call me... dessert is only a phone call a way!!

Andrea said...

Love you Ruby! You're the bestest!