Monday, September 13, 2010

"Let's Roll!"

September 11 is such a heavy day on my heart. It is our generation's Pearl Harbor. The attack on our soil happened just a few weeks after Chris and I were married. He was in Virginia during the attacks in military training.

He called me to wake me up and let me know what was unfolding. I turned on the TV, and just as I could comprehend what was happening, the second tower was struck in front of my very eyes. I could not comprehend it. And I was scared.

Already I thought, "Is it just the World Trade Center?" "Are other places in jeopardy?" Shaken, I drove to work and heard that a plane struck the pentagon. When I got there, I found out that a co-worker was scheduled to be on that plane. We were just in silent shock as the reality hit us that he would never come home from a routine business trip we all take.

Just a few days after 9/11/2010, I am sitting in a hotel room in the DC area writing this blog entry. The room number is "911". I knew I needed to do this today, but getting this room meant I needed to blog before I went to bed. (and yes, I do have to work in the morning)

So what is so important that it can't wait until tomorrow? This weekend I did something that scares me. I learned to ride a motorcycle! I went to a Basic Riders Course put on by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I ride with my husband, no problem, but not all by myself! I was scared, I was nervous, but on that little bike I had the time of my life. The instructor said, "You are in Southern California spending the day riding motorcycles! It doesn't get any better than this!" and he was so right. I'm certainly not ready for prime time...I don't even know if I'm ready for my cul de sac! But I am ready to keep practicing, and soon something that is a lot scary and a little fun will be just plain fun!

And I rode that motorcycle for the very first time on September 11. All day, the heaviness of that day was on my mind, and the freedom of doing something I have never done before, that was risky, drove me to keep going. I successfully completed the course and felt deep satisfaction that I commemorated September 11 in a bold way. I did not let my own fear stop me.

Just as we can not let terrorists rob us of our freedom, we can't live caged by our own fears!

So I am resolving to commemorate September 11 every year by doing something a little scary. And I propose to you that it is not too late do do something now! It could be a race or triathlon (Go Suzanne, Aurora and Tonja). It could be a bike ride across the country (Yay Brent!) It could be resolving conflict with a loved one. It could be telling someone you know about the love of Jesus. All these can be a little unsettling, uncomfortable, scary. But I guarantee you will feel amazing when you take a step of faith and do something you never thought possible.

I'd love to hear what bold things you are doing or going to do! Please leave a comment and share!

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RUBDOG said...

Wow...Sept 11 meant war was real...Having been raised by a Viet Nam vet was never simple. We always were prepared for battle in a sense. Always ready to protect our own. As I got older and had our 1st child, I became a little nervous of the future & potential threats...what would I do or how would I react if any of these things were to pass? Then it was a dark day...and we turned on the tv and saw the devestation...This was a huge growing day for me. Time to grow and trust in the Lord because tomorrow is not guaranteed for any man. It was at this moment that I knew I had no control over death or life but God was in ultimate control. In the following months and years my heart would continually break for these people affected by the incident. Families destroyed, children displaced, and a mighty God heartbroken by sin. As we today see the casualties of this horrible day, it still breaks my heart. Simple people sacrificed their time and lives for their country and now many suffer and have died due to the after effects of the smoke inhilation and other chemicals that were on site. Many are not receiving the care or medical attention they should....Mrs. Clinton even went as far as saying that there were not enough harmful chemicals on that site to have done this much damage to all the workers, fire crews, police, etc. AGAin my heart broke as it reminded me of all the damamge war has brought to our family and how the govt has once again failed to serve or assist the people as they have been doing to my family for many years...

It is because of this I do something super scary and unheard of every year... I trust the Lord...I trust HIM completely on this day. I trust in HIS plans for me and my family. I hand over my family to HIM and am reminded whether we live or die, may we always glorify our FATHER. I am reminded that my children are gifts from above and not my own...They are loaned to us to care for and raise in HIS ways...I am blessed in knowing that my husband is my partner in this life; an extension of God's love for me, and how precious our time is together because tomorrow is promised to no man. I am thankful for my time here and reminded of how we need to be bold for the throne of Christ as the days of HIS return are ever so near. My sweet sister...May the Lord bless you as you encourage others...May He strengthen you as you are also being bold for HIS throne in all you do...And may you "learn to ride" in this race as we are nearing the finish line...