Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tough times...But have faith

Isaiah 25:1O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.

Our work has had three rounds of layoffs this year alone. Our benefits have been cut - two holidays a year and our vacation accrual has been capped. I still praise God I have a job, but the task is getting exceedingly more difficult. With morale down and having to fill my boss' shoes now that he was let go, (never mind being 8 months paper-pregnant), and all the Mommy and Wifey stuff I'd rather be's all too much to take sometimes.

But tonight I rest in God's faithfulness. He never said we wouldn't have hard times. And our hard times are relative. I'm not hungry from lack of food. I'm not cold from no coat, no blanket or no power. I'm not wet from not having shelter. I have everything I need and blessings that abound! I have great friends, an amazing family and a wonderful life. It's just hard sometimes...

Just two years ago, our home was almost consumed by fire in the San Diego wildfires. The home behind us burned to the ground, yet ours was almost untouched! A thin layer of ash - resembling just a little dust was all that we had to clean up inside our home. The outside required a hose, but nothing more. Neighbors were in much worse shape - some lost everything, and some had a home but everything inside was ruined. But God literally posted a hedge of protection around our home and everything was in near-perfect condition.

After 4 years of infertility/miscarriage, I am expecting my adopted baby boy by Christmas!

And after three rounds of deep cuts in staffing this year (and others in previous years), Chris and I both have jobs!

I have many friends that cannot say the same. And many of them know the Lord, but the one thing I know is that God is faithful. He will not allow something to happen that isn't for our good or for our growth. We are to rely on Him, not our own powers. That doesn't mean do nothing, but do everything with petition and prayer!

A week ago, Chris and I were getting some updated medical info for Russia when we go back there to court. One of the things we had to get was a chest x-ray. I told Emily we were going and she asked me if it was the same place we saw the skeleton x-rays hanging from the ceiling last halloween time. It occured to me that we were going to the same radiology lab that we had gone to when we found out about our miscarriage - exactly a year ago! Emily apparently did to because she said, "That's the place we found out about the baby not having a heartbeat."

I knew at that point I couldn't take her with us. While she was at school, Chris and I went to get them done. The same x-ray skeletons were hanging from the ceiling. But this time we were there to get x-rays supporting our adoption. It was a strange feeling. I had to use even the same dressing room as the time before, but this time I knew that no one would be able to give me bad news that day! God redeemed even my radiology experience!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I am thankful I get to spend some quality time with the family! Emily has a Martial Arts championship, and after, we are going to clean out the closets and get ready for Ivan's arrival. I'm so excited for the days to come.

Speaking of days to come - I'm reminded of my favorite chapter of the bible, Proverbs 31. It exemplifies a woman who does it all - works, starts her own business, feeds and clothes her family (and the poor), and is worth far more than rubies to her husband. I love the passage not just because she's superwoman and can do everything (which is encouraging). I love it because she is so, so faithful to a faithful God. So much so that in verse 25, it says, "She can laugh at the days to come" That's the faith I aspire to achieve. I want to be so secure in my faithful God that I can laugh at the days to come!

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